AI Toolbox

Achieve 10x efficiency and advanced experience with AI-powered UI tools.

AI Reduplication

Fast duplication, smart replacement.

AI generates text
Effortlessly create names, reviews, addresses, and other texts in bulk.
AI fills icons and images
AI refers to prior files to fill icons and images for customized design needs.

How does AI Reduplication benefit designers?

Behind features

“Copy - paste - modify step by step” is a daily routine task for designers. What new possibilities does AI open up? Let's explore the future of a human-AI partnership.
Product Manager

AI Layout

Remove boundaries between free-form design and structured design.

AI builds temporary structure
Switch more flexibly between free-form and structured design.
AI adds auto layout
AI creates multiple auto layout frames at once.

What's the rationale behind AI Layout?

Learn more about Motiff insights

Inspired by Figma, we built AI Layout. If Auto Layout has pioneered structured design, then AI Layout has built the bridge between free-form design and structured design. Discover the inspiring journey behind Motiff's building of the AI layout.
Product Manager

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