Create together,

Compose the symphony of collaboration and

Collaborate from anywhere, at anytime

Collaborate and discuss with your team in real-time. View, edit, and
comment whenever you need.

Collaborate in real-time

Support up to 200 people editing at the same time. User experience remains silky smooth.

Comment timely

Leave comments whenever you need. @Mention collaborators in the comments directly and get notifications instantly.

Observation mode

Switch to others' view for synced tracking of all activities, from cursor movement to zoom ratios.

Sync in the cloud

Every aspect of collaboration, handoff, and file management is
done and kept in sync in the cloud.

One link for all

Ensure access permissions. Developers can conveniently view designs and freely export assets.

File management

Manage design files flexibly with our structured team > project > file > page setup, support teams of various organizational structures.

Design systems for everyone

Team's component libraries and styles sync in real-time in the cloud for streamlined design.

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