Design systems:
Scale in action

Motiff’s full-featured design systems are here to achieve alignment within your team. Push your team's creativity to the max.

Drive design consistency

Keep consistency from styles to components across your team. Enhance efficiency of design updates.


Create styles for swift application of colors, text, effects, or layout networks. Maintain a consistent visual language.


Craft reusable elements into components for consistent designs. Variants lead a more organized management.


Publish and instantly share style and component libraries with collaborators. Update and sync with a single click.

Transition design systems into the AI era

Take your design systems to the next level.

Design Systems

Collaboration Era

Long hours of tedious work

Too many people are involved.
Time spent doesn't guarantee perfection.

Design systems are not up-to-date

Maintenance demands significant time.
Hard to track design systems' usage status.

Guidelines are hard to follow

Sticking to every guideline is tough.
Correcting design details is time-consuming.

AI Design Systems

AI Era

Done with a click

AI creates interface inventories from prior files.
Sort styles and components, trace applications.

Keep design systems updated

AI discovers new styles and components.
Find and choose to update the original patterns.

Real-time intelligent check

AI checks design with guidelines.
Check text, color, and components timely.

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