From Sketch to Motiff,
step into the collaborative AI era

Comprehensive features, cloud collaboration, and superior performance.

Boost efficiency with Motiff's AI-powered professional collaborative design tools.

Why switch to Motiff?

Cloud Collaboration

Use Motiff for collaborative design, real-time commenting, and easy handoff.

AI brings more

Unlock new ways of working in the AI era for individuals and teams.

High performance

Self-developed rendering engine guarantees editing in million-layer page.

Collaborate in the cloud

One-stop collaboration design

From creation to handoff, Motiff streamlines your entire product design process all in one platform.

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Cross platform

Not like Sketch only supports macOS, Motiff supports macOS, Windows, and directly in browser. Design files and all version histories will be saved to the cloud automatically.

Dev Mode for developers

Motiff offers a better collaboration between designers and developers. Easy handoff without the need of tools like Zeplin. Switch to Dev Mode to view richer annotations, design, and copy code.

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AI-powered workspace

Smarter design

AI Toolbox liberates you from tedious tasks in typical design scenarios.

  • AI Reduplication: Conveniently duplicate and replace to create similar designs.
  • AI Layout: Switch between free-form design and structured design with just one click.
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Smarter Design Systems

AI Design Systems allows teams to practice Design Systems in a fast and convenient way.

  • AI Design System Creator: Quick, effortless interface inventory setups.
  • AI Design System Maintainer: Keep component libraries up-to-date with ease.
  • AI Consistency Checker: Cross-check your design files with design system guidelines.
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Comprehensive features

Greater design systems

Motiff simplifies design with its comprehensive Components library, offering a more flexible and intuitive approach than Sketch's.

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Prototyping, direct presenting

Motiff has more comprehensive prototyping features than Sketch. Create high-fidelity, interactive prototypes for easy validation.

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High performance

Compared to Sketch, Motiff provides a self-developed rendering engine that guarantees smooth multiplayer collaboration in a million-layer file.

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Is switching easy?

Motiff guarantees a great Sketch files transfer experience, much better than Figma.

Quick import

Quick import

Outsanding transfer

Outsanding transfer

Sketch to Motiff FAQs

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Can Motiff truly replace Sketch and Zeplin completely?
Is there an extra charge for Motiff AI?
Can I use my plugins from Sketch in Motiff as well?
How can I switch from Sketch to Motiff, and what should I do with my existing files?

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