Motiff, beyond superior performance

Figma pioneered the web-based graphic editor.

Motiff is striving to do even better.

Outstanding performance

Self-developed rendering engine breaks through performance limitations.
Optimized for multiple design and collaboration scenarios. Offering best practices with minimal latency.
Stability and low memory usage guaranteed by unique, high-performance structure.

A fluid design experience

Equipped with a completely self-developed rendering engine. Reliable and silky smooth.
Zoom and pan Canvas
Drag and drop layers
Bulk duplicate

Why is Motiff so smooth?

Motiff effectively meets the performance benchmarks ensuring smooth user experience.
The FPS refers to the average number of frames refreshed every second. Higher FPS values lead to reduced visual delay.
FPS effects under the same jank
FPS: Motiff vs. Figma
Jank rate
The ratio of jank duration and total time within a unit of time. The lower the jank rate, the smoother visual feedback is.
If a frame's time exceeds twice the average frame time of the preceding three frames, it is counted as a jank.
Even with standard FPS, high Jank rate disrupts smooth visuals.
Jank rate: Motiff vs. Figma

Start creating immediately

The loading time of files with 100,000 layers is under 5 seconds in average.
File loading speed
Page switching speed

Speed assessment

Accommodate design needs of various scales, swift design in files with different layer counts.
File loading speed: Motiff vs. Figma
Page switching speed: Motiff vs. Figma

Stable and reliable designs

Rebuilt file system increases performance limits, smooth editing of million-layer canvas.
Layer capacity test: Motiff vs. Figma
*The above data was evaluated in May 2024, with the performance of Figma at the same period as a reference. For more information about the test environment, benchmark files, etc., 
please refer to the Performance Evaluation Report.

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