Motiff Basics at a fair price, Motiff AI for free for a limited time.



Motiff editor

Unlimited personal files

3 Motiff files

30 days version history

Basic inspection




or $1 for Dev Mode only

Everything in Starter, plus

Unlimited Motiff files

Unlimited version history

Team component library

Shared and private projects

Dev Mode




or $3 for Dev Mode only

Contact Sales

Everything in Professional, plus

Unlimited teams

Advanced design systems

Shared fonts for teams

Centralized administration

Centralized content management

Activity logs

Prioritized customer support

Prices are in $USD. Price per seat, billed annually.

*Professional also available for $5/designer seat & $1/developer seat, billed month-to-month.

Motiff AI

Free for limited time
AI Toolbox
500 times/month

AI Reduplication

AI Layout

AI Design Systems
10 times/month

AI Design System Creator

AI Design System Maintainer

AI Consistency Checker

Motiff Lab
50 times/month

AI Generates UI

AI Magic Box

Motiff AI is currently in beta, all AI features are free for limited time. Pricing for Motiff AI will be announced post-beta.

How do we set the price?

Fair Pricing

Price is part of the value a product delivers. AI capabilities become the core value of products in the AI era, making collaborative design features fundamental. Motiff matches these standard values with fair pricing.

Front-end engineers requiring Dev Mode often outnumber designers by a 5:1 ratio. Developer seats are priced 75% lower than designer seats, making Motiff's pricing for Dev Mode significantly fairer.

Fair Billing Policy

Unlike some cloud services that charge for all purchased seats, Motiff only bills for what you use. Unused seat balances are returned to user accounts as credits, redeemable for full value at renewal.

New members can upgrade to join collaborations immediately. Admins have 14 days to confirm upgrade requests before automatic downgrades. This feature allows your enterprise to track all changes on your bill.

Feature comparison for Motiff Basics

Motiff AI is in Beta, all AI features are free for limited time for all plans.

$4/seat /month
$15/seat /month
Version history
30 days
Motiff Editor
Advanced drawing tools
Auto layout
Unlimited personal files
Figma / Sketch import
Import libraries
Asset export
Cross platform
Collaborative files
3 files
Unlimited viewers
Shareable links
On-canvas commenting
Observation mode
Private projects and files
Prototype sharing permissions
Unlimited teams
Interactive prototypes
Advanced animations
Design systems
Team libraries
Organization-wide design systems
Shared fonts
Dev Mode
Advanced inspection
Unit and scale setting
Bulk export
Export with presets
Password protection
Centralized administration
Centralized content management
Link access controls
Activity logs
Help center and community
Email support

Pricing FAQs

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What if more people are added to my team during a billing cycle?
What if people leave my team during a billing cycle?
Do you have a discount for schools or non-profits?
Can I cancel my plan at any time?
Do I need to purchase Dev Mode to inspect files?
What payment methods can I use?
Where can I find my invoices?
What is your refund policy?
Where can I get customer support?