Safeguard you and your

Your data and privacy security are our top priorities.

Motiff builds a robust data privacy compliance system to fulfill corporate data asset standards.

Secure Data Backup
Motiff ensures data safety with regular backups and recovery practices, quickly restoring systems after any failure due to security or system cybersecurity incidents.
Your data is yours
Motiff enforces strict data access control, regular audits, and ensures data isolation between customers, prohibiting staff access to user data without consent.
User data security
Motiff has strict protocols for data collection, transfer, and storage. Sensitive data is encrypted, anonymized, and securely deleted upon account cancellation.
Service is stable and reliable
In order to ensure continuous and stable use, Motiff relies on multiple reliable data centers globalwide for 24/7/365 service.


Motiff constructs a robust enterprise security enterprise security barrier with advanced product security, comprehensive architecture, and efficient security operations.

Product security capabilities

Member permissions
Motiff supports granular permission control, safeguarding enterprise security and privacy. Members are granted minimal necessary permissions, preventing information leaks due to improper access settings.
Access Security
Motiff mandates periodic account verification and identifies potential account risks. It allows businesses to limit external access to their content, reducing the risk of information breaches.

Fundamental Security Architecture

Data encryption
Securing user data with encryption, anonymization, and zero-trust gateways, including secure deletion post-account cancellation.
Fundamental security
Motiff deploys WAF, HIDS, NIDS, and API Security Platform for protection and detection, preventing data breaches or theft from malicious attacks.

Security development and operation framework

Personnel management
Employees with data access have to sign NDAs; Motiff conducts audits and regular security training to enhance data safety awareness.
Security defense
Motiff builds DevSecOps, embedding security at every stage with code audits, Interactive Application Security Testing (IAST), Application Hardening, penetration tests, and Software composition analysis (SCA).
Emergency Response
Motiff has a professional security team and standard response plans to swiftly act on , ensuring uninterrupted user service.
Vulnerability operation
Motiff's vulnerability management platform oversees the entire lifecycle of vulnerabilities, coupled with a security response center to mitigate external threats and reduce risks.


Motiff's Privacy Protection Principles:
Data Security as the Highest Priority: Safeguarding user data security is our fundamental principle and the cornerstone of mutual trust between Motiff and its users.
Your Data, Your Control: You have full control and rights over the data you generate and store with Motiff. We allow users to withdraw consent for specific data processing anytime and request deletion of personal information or account cancellation as needed.


Where is Motiff's data stored?
Is data encrypted in Motiff´╝č
Which personal data does Motiff collect, access, and store?
What rights does Motiff have over my data?

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