Figma took UX design into collaboration era.
Motiff takes its baton to AI era.

Enjoy a high-performance, AI-powered UI design tool at a fair price.
A painless switch from Figma to Motiff.

Why switch to Motiff?

AI brings more

Unlock new ways of working in the AI era for individuals and teams.

Comprehensive features

Seamlessly switch from Figma to Motiff without changing work habits.

Fair price, high performance

Cost-effective, high-quality UI design tool for teams of any size.

Al-powered workspace

Smarter design

AI Toolbox liberates you from tedious tasks in typical design scenarios.
  • AI Reduplication: Conveniently duplicate and replace to create similar designs.
  • AI Layout: Switch between free-form design and structured design with just one click.
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Smarter Design Systems

AI Design Systems allows teams to practice Design Systems in a fast and convenient way.
  • AI Design System Creator: Quick, effortless interface inventory setups.
  • AI Design System Maintainer: Keep component libraries up-to-date with ease.
  • AI Consistency Checker: Cross-check your design files with design system guidelines.
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Comprehensive features

Offers all necessary functions.
Design the way as usual.

Professional Tools

Vector Network
Auto layout
Smart Selections
Shape Tools
Figma Import & Export
Sketch Import & Export
Asset Export

Cloud Collaboration

Cloud Collaboration
On-canvas Commenting
Access Management
Team & Project Management

Design Systems

Shared Fonts
Team Libraries


Interactive Prototypes
Advanced Animations
Present & Mirror

Dev Mode

Advanced inspection
Unit & Scale Setting
Automatic Icon Detection
Bulk Export
Export with Presets

Fair Price, high performance

Fair price

Motiff meets your team's needs for both basic features and Dev Mode at a fair price. Under 'Fair Billing Policy', you will only be billed for what you use.
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Price / Seat / Month
66% Off
ProfessionalDev Mode only
91% Off
66% Off
OrganizationDev Mode only
88% Off

Price calculator

Designers seat
Dev Mode seat

Figma / Year

$ 20,400

Motiff / Year

$ 3,600


82% OFF

High performance

We take performance seriously. Figma establishes the most complex Web-based applications in this world. We hold great respect for Figma and aim to build an even better one.

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Is switching easy?

Motiff allows you to easily import Figma files, keeps layers intact, and transfers components and styles in almost exactly like they were in Figma.

Import files

Importing a Figma file to Motiff is even faster than that in Figma.

Perfect transfer

After importing, all layers, positions, components, and styles stay the same.

Figma to Motiff FAQs

Can I try Motiff for free and use it for collaborative work?
Compared to Figma, does Motiff have comprehensive features to complete the entire product design process in one platform?
Is there an extra charge for Motiff AI?
Can I use my Figma plugins in Motiff?
How can I switch from Figma to Motiff, and what should I do with my existing files?

Ready to switch?

Start a free Motiff account, import a Figma file, and take it for a spin.

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