Dev Mode:
Transfer design into code

Efficiently view designs and create code using Dev
Mode, tailored specifically for developers.

Dev Mode

Focus on developer perspectives

View annotations

Turn the switch on to view design at ease with rich text, property annotations, and measurements.

Automatic icon detection

Directly select target icon containing complex vector layers. Experience a more effortless process of measurement and annotation.

Bulk export

Export multiple layers and scales at once, plus image compression.

Sync across design and code

Copy production-ready code

Covers common types of code (CSS, iOS, Android). Developers can use directly without additional adjustments.

Unit and scale setting

Supports px, pt, rem, and dp/sp. Various scale settings can be adapted to different work practices.

Fair-priced Dev Mode


Dev Mode only


Dev Mode only

Motiff is dedicated to providing better service for the development teams.
Start Dev Mode now, for all team sizes, at a fair price.

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